October 12, 2015 - Monday's Kick

If anyone is looking for an exercise in humility and hard work (outside of just living life), look no further than entrepreneurship.

If you're a passionate person, and feel numbed by the constraints of 9-5, there are few greater challenges than waking up each day knowing that what you do each day makes/breaks your professional (and personal) reality. 

I did this once before. I worked 80 hr weeks for two years straight. On the verge of burnout I finally took a vacation (three weeks of surfing here). When I returned back to the states, I realized I was done. I had gone too hard for too long and my energy for what I was doing was officially depleted.

Passionate people always want the mountains and so it is no surprise that they burn out in the quest. As my mother once said: "You can't suck the marrow out of the bone every damn day".

My challenge was never the mountains - it has always been the peebles. When you are not minding the peebles you self-destruct.

This week we focus on the peebles - the small, mundane tasks and the necessary stepping stones to long term, sustainable achievement.

Because we're going to get it right this time.



Monday's Kick is kicking it a tad different today.  

Today's feature focuses on our favorite videos from NOWNESS, a site I spend a lot of time with for creative inspiration (as I don't watch TV, my time gets focused here).