Brands We Love: CLUTCH Bodyshop

If you're an athlete and you don't know of CLUTCH Bodyshop, you will. Talk about game changers.

First is a dedication to the purest supplements for athletes - for example, their whey protein is guaranteed free of rBGH and rBST growth hormones and antibiotics.

But that's not what sets them apart.

As a woman committed to fitness I was struck by the refreshing stance CLUTCH takes in promotion of women as athletes and not over-sexualized fitness models (check the cover of Train For Her Magazine - you won't find an image like that in popular women's fitness magazines). 

That's half the equation. Those running CLUTCH have their heads on right. Not only is there a dedication to fitness but there is also a dedication to values - because a solid body means nothing without a sound mind. 

They are looking to completely transform the fitness industry - and my bet is that they will.