September 28, 2015 - Monday's Kick

It's the last week of September and the last week of Q3. We are three quarters through the year - we have three months until the end of the year.

It's time to focus in and make sure 2015 is a year to remember! 

On our mind(s) this week: baseball, this special holiday, and events. 

Last week we attended an excellent TEDx Mid-Atlantic event. One of our favorite presentations came from Bill LeoGrande, professor of Government and former Dean of the American University School of Public Affairs. LeoGrande spoke on back channel communications between the US and Cuba (check out his book).

This week we have Washington Ideas Forum hosted by The Atlantic, and, of course, AD WEEK DC. We hope to see you on Thursday morning for our session on innovative uses of storytelling in marketing. And send us a note if you'd like to join our luncheon at Bistrot du Coin!

And, finally - we announce our Q4 event calendar today, including the launch of the STORY Event Series starting in November in collaboration with Interface Media Group.  It will be a fantastic series, one that will continue into 2016. You can find out more on our Facebook page.

CREDIT: Morley, Graffiti Artist

CREDIT: Morley, Graffiti Artist

And, Monday's Kick: