Future Classic: Ikiré Jones & The Role of Story In Fashion

From the Ikiré Jones website:

"The things that we make may not be widely accepted as beautiful to everyone, but they will be fiercely embraced as beautiful by a special few. It is for people like you that we work so hard. It is because of dreams like yours, and ours, that we have chosen to brave this path.  It is because we know that someone has to make things better, and that it might as well be us."

Here at AEY Consulting we have not found another brand that embraces that ethos of TXTR quite like Ikiré Jones, a Philadelphia-based menswear brand dedicated to making carefully tailored West African-inspired clothing with a focus on storytelling and political context. 

Ikiré Jones is the endeavor of designer/afrobeat musician/attorney Walé Oyéjidé, and musician/bespoke tailor Sam Hubler -  "two artists with a zeal for creating beautiful things that sit to the left of what has been resignedly accepted as the status quo".

In addition to a bold, stunning approach to menswear, Ikiré Jones understands the role of story in their work. From the Ikiré Jones site: "there is magic in the idea that every item we produce means something; and more importantly, means something different to different people. We strive to give each piece an identity and history of its own. It is our hope that these small pieces of (often-invented) history will give the wearer a story to tell, a place to visit, and a new memory to create."

“[Our clothing line] pays homage to African children all over the world whose lives were tragically shortened by domestic terrorism, disease and by the perils of migration,” the brand’s Nigerian-born creative director Walé Oyéjidé explains. The designer added that the collection’s array of Renaissance-era tapestry-styled silk scarves featuring people of color intends to offer social commentary on Western perceptions of Africa.

Brands We Love: CLUTCH Bodyshop

If you're an athlete and you don't know of CLUTCH Bodyshop, you will. Talk about game changers.

First is a dedication to the purest supplements for athletes - for example, their whey protein is guaranteed free of rBGH and rBST growth hormones and antibiotics.

But that's not what sets them apart.

As a woman committed to fitness I was struck by the refreshing stance CLUTCH takes in promotion of women as athletes and not over-sexualized fitness models (check the cover of Train For Her Magazine - you won't find an image like that in popular women's fitness magazines). 

That's half the equation. Those running CLUTCH have their heads on right. Not only is there a dedication to fitness but there is also a dedication to values - because a solid body means nothing without a sound mind. 

They are looking to completely transform the fitness industry - and my bet is that they will.



September 28, 2015 - Monday's Kick

It's the last week of September and the last week of Q3. We are three quarters through the year - we have three months until the end of the year.

It's time to focus in and make sure 2015 is a year to remember! 

On our mind(s) this week: baseball, this special holiday, and events. 

Last week we attended an excellent TEDx Mid-Atlantic event. One of our favorite presentations came from Bill LeoGrande, professor of Government and former Dean of the American University School of Public Affairs. LeoGrande spoke on back channel communications between the US and Cuba (check out his book).

This week we have Washington Ideas Forum hosted by The Atlantic, and, of course, AD WEEK DC. We hope to see you on Thursday morning for our session on innovative uses of storytelling in marketing. And send us a note if you'd like to join our luncheon at Bistrot du Coin!

And, finally - we announce our Q4 event calendar today, including the launch of the STORY Event Series starting in November in collaboration with Interface Media Group.  It will be a fantastic series, one that will continue into 2016. You can find out more on our Facebook page.

CREDIT: Morley, Graffiti Artist

CREDIT: Morley, Graffiti Artist

And, Monday's Kick: